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My blogging journey began in 2019, at As a new(ish) writer, I attended a writers conference and, in my insecurity, asked a blogging expert if the world really needed another "mom blog" (from which I've since been led to expand to writing for all women, including moms and homeschool moms). Her response changed me. She reminded me that my story may touch one person who might never be touched by the story of another. So, I began writing for the one. The one who needs to read these words, and the one who inspires me to write them.


A couple of years later, I began writing more broadly for women through a monthly blog for our Women2Women ministry, and continue to do so. You can access the blogs for Women2Women and MomEncouragement, as well as a few devotions I've written, through the Blog menu at the top of this site. May you find inspiration and encouragement, and lots of permission for self-care!

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