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Big Game Blues (of the Wellness and Productivity Type)

Ugh! I feel like crap! 

Anyone else have that kind of feeling after an evening of overeating and being a couch potato?

I'm amazed at the stark difference between how that used to be my norm and how I normally feel now as I'm being more intentional with my choices. 

Well, on most days.

Last night was the big game, and while I'm not normally a big football fan, the suspense of the game kept me tuned in and (mostly) awake, even through overtime. I normally just tune in to the game this one time a year for the commercials and the halftime show, but I was hooked.

Nodding off several times in the 4th quarter should have been a sign my body was telling me I was pushing it.

I also happened to glimpse some of the pregame show, where a pizza establishment was being advertised over and over. I rarely succumb to such influences anymore, but good grief, did I used to!

And last night that pineapple pizza was calling to me!🍕

I caved.

And girl, do I regret it! 

It's not the pizza place's fault, but my own for not taking the time to think through what I was going to feel like after said pizza.

Well, and some wings.

And loaded potato skins. After all I have two guys here in the house...

Yeah, that's still just an excuse.

The thing is, I KNOW how my body reacts to these things. A lack of sleep and an overload of processed food and carbs left me feeling so sluggish and unfocused today. 

Why am I sharing this when I'm supposed to be leading us on a journey of wellness? 

Because the struggle is real and we all have those days when something special is going on and we want to celebrate. 

With food. 

I could have gotten that pizza and just had one piece, and maybe a wing and a potato skin and probably have been okay. Having had a bit more than that - okay, okay, maybe quite a bit more - and then staying up so late, my body and mind chose to rebel today.

I suppose it's called a food hangover for a good reason.

When I began the journey to find what works best for my body and mind, I found out that simple movement, at least 8 hours of sleep, and eating less processed foods, gluten and dairy was what it took for me to start feeling better. 

Hmm, sitting on the couch for about 5 hours, lots of gluten and dairy of the processed kind, and not only less sleep, but less quality sleep - it's no wonder I've been all over the place today, with little to no focus or energy.


Instead of beating myself up, I'm sharing this with you because I know we all struggle at times. Willpower takes intentionality, but it's so worth it!  

Instead of beating myself up, I thank my body and mind for the reminder of why I chose to be more intentional in how I take care of it. 

Instead of beating myself up, I'm giving myself a day of grace and understanding, knowing that I make better choices more often than not. 

We can do this, and we don't have to let small setbacks derail us. 

So what did you eat for the big game last night, and how are you feeling today? It doesn't matter if you went off the rails a bit, or if you did well and ate nutritiously and didn't even know there was a game happening. 😁🏈Let's have the whole spectrum in the conversation to reinforce how food and activity (or the lack thereof) affect our bodies and minds! 👇

Have a blessed and beautiful week!

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