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The 2-minute Self-Care Rule for Busy Moms

I recently had an epiphany correlating the "2-Minute Rule" for productivity and the many years of putting myself on the back burner while I strived to do all the things and take care of my family, friends, neighbors...

One could say I got lost in all the doing. Caring, loving, cooking, cleaning, and more. The list is endless.

If we allow it to be.

I was working on the ever-dreaded taxes and kicking myself for not having logged any of my receipts in four months. It took me the entire day to break all those receipts down into the appropriate categories in a spreadsheet. A task I could've done daily over the past several months, in under 2 minutes a day, had snowballed into a stressful full-day of playing catch-up.

That was when it hit me. I recalled the moment when I realized I had put myself on the back burner as a mom for way too long. Just a small amount of daily self-care could have kept me from gaining a lot of weight, improved my mental health, and possibly have avoided some of my health issues that resulted from my negligence.

Because little efforts add up. So do little negligences.

I hear you. I've said it too, "But I'm too busy!"

We cling to that falsehood with white knuckles, not realizing in our very busyness we are, perhaps unconsciously, choosing to wear ourselves to the bone.

With my current hyperfixation on time management and productivity, I'm reading between the lines and gaining some insight into self-care as a bonus.

Take for instance, the 2-Minute Rule. Productivity experts would tell us look at a task that needs to be done and ask ourselves if we could get it done in 2 minutes or less. If so, go ahead and tackle it!

Like with all those receipts I could've been logging on a daily basis.

But for our purposes today, let's focus on some 2-minute (or less) self-care measures we can do throughout the day.

  1. Upon waking, have a water bottle by your bedside and drink water first thing in the morning before you get out of bed or start scrolling.

  2. Okay, now, I know you've got to go pee. Go take care of that, and then find a quiet space to do 2 minutes of deep breathing.

  3. Now that you've done 2 minutes of deep breathing, why not take two more minutes to do something beneficial for your body, mind and spirit? Take 2 minutes to stretch and really pay attention to the areas that are wound tight.

  4. You're on a roll! Look at the momentum you're gaining. You've already hydrated, centered, and stretched. Now, let's start the day with some gratitude. Take 2 minutes to write down some things you are thankful for.

Look at you go! You 've only been awake for about 10 minutes, yet, you've done four amazing things to take care of your mind, body, and soul.

Just imagine the possibilities if you take a few 2-minute breaks throughout the day to recharge.

Been sitting too long? Get up and walk around for 2 minutes.

Been on your feet too long? Find a comfy place to sit for 2 minutes while you breathe, pray, or meditate on who and what you're thankful for.

Been in front of screens too long? Put it down for 2 minutes and do some more deep breathing and stretching combined.

Feel disconnected? Take 2 minutes to message a friend.

Small efforts are not only sustainable, but they can snowball into some amazing long-term results.

What will you do for the next 2 minutes? Go!👇

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