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This is the work in which we find ourselves. The work of growing out of the caterpillar stage. Of bursting forth from the comfortable shelter of our cocoon into all the splendor of the beautiful butterfly.

The butterfly is who you already are, even if you haven't fully embraced it.

You are created to soar.

Transformation is a journey into the depths of our being. It doesn't happen overnight, and we stunt our growth if we strive only to reach an end.

The beauty is in the journey.

We are always growing. By understanding this, and giving ourselves grace for the process, we are able to walk our most authentic journey.

So as our week begins, I encourage you to walk a little slower, be a bit more present, and focus your intentions on your values in life. By focusing on what we value, we can live our most authentic journey. When we understand our values, they become a filter for our best yes's, and our boundary-establishing no's.

If you're a woman interested in learning more about how your values can become a filter for your journey, as well as learning more about how you can live into a life of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, schedule a free coaching session today.

Have a blessed and beautiful week!

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