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Fearless Friday - Grow Boldly

Yep, that's an airplane engine amongst those clouds.

I recently experienced the first flight of my life. Check that one off the ol' bucket list. 

Big deal, you may think.

BUT, heck yeah, it IS a big me!

And that excites me. Growing, stretching, doing new things, even when they're uncomfortable.

Muscle has to tear before it can grow. 

So a plane ride may seem basic to you. But think back to when you first flew, or first did something else that felt like a big leap of faith.

Something where you had to step into the fear, but not let it cripple you and stop you from moving forward.

I mean think about it, that plane weighs TONS, and yet there we were, flying over the ocean. It defies logic. I have to have faith in this scientifically engineered miracle of flight, and while I didn't think I could look down, I was glued to the window, fascinated by the beauty of this 37,000 ft view of creation. 

As we leveled out above the clouds, I was reminded of another photo I took just a few weeks ago, when an early morning crossing of the mountain brought me once again above a sea of fog. It never ceases to amaze me at the beauty of creation. The two images remind me that the splendor of glory is all around us, if we but take the time to open our eyes to see and appreciate it.

Appreciate the splendor, even when the muscles of growth are tearing.

I had never flown before and I'd never been that far away from my kids. This mama's heart was aching in a way I'd never known. 

And yet...

I took a risk. I stepped out of my comfort zone.

I'm growing.

This ol' mountain girl, who put so many self-imposed limitations upon herself for WAY too long, stepped out in faith.

Yeah, this is a big step, but it was those small, sustainable, and faith-filled steps that got me to this point. 

Friends, we don't have to be stuck where we are! We can live boldly, one small step at a time. And we can dream big, knowing those small steps can lead to freedom from our self-imposed bondage.

Years ago, I asked, "What's next?" I began to learn my best yes's and my strategic and boundary protecting no's. Each choice has led to this present reality. 

I never thought I'd travel. Yet, now I fly.

Will you fly too?

Friends, make a choice TODAY, to change something in your life. Be intentional, patient, duligent and persevere as you lean into what at first may feel uncomfortable, but could very well be the beginning of the transformation you seek.

You CAN do this! What change do you want to see in your life? With that in mind, what's ONE super small, itsy bitsy, baby step you can take toward that goal? Focus only on that one step, and then the next. One day, you'll realize you're flying!

Let's fly together. Share in the comments your big, hairy, audacious goal and the next step you can commit to take toward it. The smaller, the better, because it allows you a win to ignite your momentum.

My first small step many years ago, when I felt stuck and yearned for something more, was to buy a book on life coaching. Then, to read the intro. Then, the first chapter. 

It doesn't matter if you think that next step is too silly or simple to list here. Inspire us with your bravery in the small things and allow us to celebrate your growth, one small step at a time!👇

(PS - Send some responses, and I'll include a big brave snorkeling pic in next week's post about trying new things!)


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